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Sheep and Goat unit

Sheep and Goat unit of 100 sheep, goats is established at Agricultural Development Trust KVK, Baramati for the Demonstration and training purpose.
It is completely stall fed unit. Corn Silage, dry fodder concentrate is fed to sheep and goats.
Objective of this unit is to supply Nari Suvarna Sheep and Australian Boer Goats for breeding purpose.

Australian Boer Goats

Performance of Australian Boer Goats under stall fed condition at Agricultural Development Trust, Baramati.
Australian Boer Goat ( African Boer Goat ) Native place Africa .
This breed is a dual purpose for milk and meat.
Having capacity of Twining 50-60% and triplets 3-4% .Suitable for stall fed condition.
White and Brown colour.
Growth rate 150-200 gm per day.
Suitable for all types of climate.

Productive and reproductive performance

Sr.No. Particulars Deccani Sheep
1 Adult Weight Male 65-72 Kg
2 Adult Weight Female 50-60 kg
3 Milk production capacity 1-2 lit. Per day
4 Birth weight 3-3.5 kg
5 Average Weight at 3 month Age 15.8 kg
6 Average Weight at 6 month Age 28.6 kg

Nari Suvarana is a crossbred f Deccani breed of Maharashtra and Garole sheep breed from West Bengal.
This breed is for meat purpose.
colour Mixture of Brown and white with coarse wool.
wool production 1-1.5 kg per year.
Twining percentage is more compare to Deccani breed of sheep.
Suitable for stall fed sheep forming.

Productive and reproductive performance of Nari Suvarana at Agricultural Development Trust, Baramati under stall fed condition.
Sr.No. Particulars Deccani Sheep Nari Suvarna Sheep
1 Body weight of adult Male 38.48 kg 25-30 kg
2 Body weight of adult Female 28.58 kg 25 kg
3 Birth weight 2.82 kg 2.20kg
4 Body Weight at 6 month age 20.86 kg 18.00 kg
5 Age at puberty 10.50 month 11.50 month
6 Age at first lambing 15.50 month 17.00 month
7 period in between two lambing 288 days 276 days
8 Twining % 3.96 92%